Stratosphere Hotel and Casino 
2000 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas,   89104
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Ticket Cost/s: $12
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Other Info:
Attraction Type: Thrill Ride
Distance from Strip: On the Strip
Attraction Duration:
Time: daynight
Ages(min/recom): 52 inches/7 to 18
Fun Value: high
Educ'l Value: medium


Have you ever wondered how it would feel if you were about to be dropped from the 100th floor of a building? Well, that is how it feels when you ride the X-Scream, at the Stratosphere Tower. A mechanical arm moves a platform up and down while a car rolls back and forth, sometimes at quite steep angles. This ride is called the X-Scream for a reason. Come and try it! Your kids will have a blast! The minimum height for admission is 52’’. Kids 15 or younger must be accompanied by a guardian to access the rides. This ride requires the purchase of admission to the tower.